Summer Adventure: Gilgo Beach

We had such an awesome time at the beach last week.  We have never found so many whole and perfect shells in one trip before.  The weather was divine and there were many creatures to explore:

pretty good for an iphone movie, eh?

We put all those shells in a glass jar and called it A Day at the Beach.  Luckily two of our shells came with tiny holes, so they adorn the outside.


7 responses to “Summer Adventure: Gilgo Beach

  1. Yahoo for going to the beach. I am all for that. Happy Summer!

  2. such cute suits on the girls!!

  3. Nothing can compare with days at the beach. Kids are endlessly entertained and life is good.

  4. I enjoyed this post. These simple and wonderful experiences (not shopping, tv, video games, etc.) are what are children remember and love for the rest of their life!

  5. I’d like to know why 12 hours ago you thought you were an idiot.

  6. Very cute!

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