Yarn Store: Loopy Mango

I have a new goal! It is to visit all of the yarn stores in Manhattan!  My first review is for Loopy Mango in Soho.

This store is not exclusively yarn, from the website: “Loopy Mango is: a boutique where anyone can find anything; a space for exploring; a place for creating; and an experience for everyone. Loopy Mango features a curated collection which ranges from designer clothing, shoes and jewelry to antiques, home goods and furniture. Welcome to a treasure chest of trinkets and inquisition; our ultimate goal is to combine old and new to create something truly timeless. ”

I love the yarn room they have in the back of the store.  There are several unique yarns that were new to me. I picked up the neon manos de uruguay and langyarns sol degrade.  I loved chatting with the girls there about their projects and ravelry and fiber arts. I love finding women in my age set that are as into creating with yarn as I am.  I will definitely be returning to Loopy Mango.


2 responses to “Yarn Store: Loopy Mango

  1. I’m going to love these reviews. I wish I didn’t have a little yarn grabber/tangler always at my side otherwise I’d totally make some visits of my own. I’ll just have to live the visits through you.

  2. You do realize that I am there with you on your Manhatten Yarn Shop Hop.
    Being there virtually is not as fun but it keeps me from spending. I wish, wish, wish I could actually be with you spending.

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