Ice Cream: Ronnybrook

This summer the posse is in pursuit of the best ice cream in the land.  I have a feeling I already know where it is, but it will be fun to hopefully discover something new.

First up is Ronnybrook Farm in Chelsea Market.  Phoebe got chocolate, Lolly got chocolate raspberry and I got cinnamon.

The ice cream I ate was nice and light but a bit gritty. The cone was my favorite part but it quickly lost it’s excitement after the third bite.  I would give this place 1 out of 5 hearts, but the girls felt so bad about that that they wanted to raise it to a 2 out of 5.  We will not be returning to Ronnybrook, a very disappointing beginning to our pursuit of Ice Cream.


2 responses to “Ice Cream: Ronnybrook

  1. You want the best Ice Cream you have to come to the Cove Oregon Drive In. No it’s not a movie drive in, it’s a foodie place. They have different flavored ice cream each week. The best is Peach.
    It’s so smooth but not too thick and not to thin, it’s practically perfect!
    Crap, now I want ice cream….. Time to round up the kids.. :)

  2. You know it and I know it and it isn’t in any of your neighborhoods!

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