I Sew!

I found this rose bias tape at M and J trimming last week while I was looking for suitable ribbon to make into costume belts for the girls’ Willy Wonka show.  I fell in love with it. Thankfully I was hosting sewing circle that night (which right now just consists of one friend and me) and so I made this skirt!I was too lazy to iron it for the photos, sorry.  Also, too lazy to iron it before wearing it out.  I love this skirt because it is my new favorite length and it’s light and breezy.  It’s a miracle I finished it because my sewing machine was on the fritz the entire night until I realized I’d put my needle in backwards. Oh my my my. Sewing can be so frustrating.



3 responses to “I Sew!

  1. I would come for sewing circle if it is open to the “public”. I really love this outfit, so young and summery.

  2. Cutest bias tape ever. I rarely say something doen’t need ironing because I love how ironing makes clothes look so sharp. However, with seersucker fabric, it is supposed to have texture, that’s why they call it seersucker. You are progressing in leaps and bounds.

  3. It is adorable!

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