People Watching: Twins

There are so many times on the streets I find pairs or small groups of people hanging out, wearing almost the exact same outfit.  The vibe will be very similar and sometimes even the elements of the outfit are identical.  I think humans take comfort in blending in.

The other day on the street I walked a ways with two girls who I thought went through the same exact routine that day. They had perfectly pedicured, bright-colored toes, sandals with the same design, their color scheme was identical and the proportions of their outfits as well. They each had long hair with little bobbypins here and here to pull back a little bit of hair, a large handbag on their elbow, Starbucks in one hand and smartphone in the other.

They were SO BUSY reading their phones that they didn’t even realize how similar they looked. At first I though they knew each other, proving my above theory/observation, but they didn’t.


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