Crochet: Socks!

I bought a crocheted socks pattern book thinking I might not be successful, but guess what? I totally was.  And I don’t even think they look crocheted (more knitted).  I did mess up my first heel.  As awkward as it was, I did think I was doing the stitch correctly, and I did it very consistently wrong throughout, which I’ve learned in crochet, in the end, means–it’s right!

The second heel looks way better.  I thought about frogging the first sock, but then decided they are different enough anyway in the striping, that it was cool if one heel was more textured than the other.

I found the coolest sock yarn at Lion Brand’s NYC Studio. It’s called AMAZING and it is JUST THAT.

Don’t I have a great foot/leg model?


8 responses to “Crochet: Socks!

  1. You amaze me!

  2. They turned out as cute as can be. They’ll be warm this winter too.

  3. Wow, these look lovely! When I see people knitting socks with four knitting needles, I’m a bit hesitant to try socks. It looks really difficult. How dit you find it? Challenging or easy & fun?

  4. That’s good news! In my head crochet had to be more difficult to do, but once again crochet trumps knitting :) I’ll add socks to my To Crochet List.

    • Kristy Glass

      Ps. I started crocheting in 2009 too and I love it. I love your granny square clock!!,

      Sent from my possePad

  5. Where did you get the pattern? Thanks

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