Summer Adventure: Doughnut Plant

Camp Mommy has begun. I assure you it is not as fun as Camp Grammy.  I got through 1 week! Woot! Happy Dance! Way to Go me. I know, my life is so hard…blah blah blah.

I am trying to have a really good attitude and enjoy my children.  So far, I have really liked making friendship bracelets, cooking and reading with them.

During week 1 we checked off:

Spa Castle
Playdates with 3 different friends
Field Trip to Princeton, NJ
Boston Market
Doughnut Plant

These doughnuts are pricey. They melt in your mouth. I don’t HAVE to go back unless they have some crazy flavor.  I’m thinking something to do with bananas and chocolate. This coconut glazed with cocunt filling was pretty fantastic though.



2 responses to “Summer Adventure: Doughnut Plant

  1. We tried the one on the Lower East Side a few years ago, when we went to the Tenement Museum. Mine was, yes, melt-in-your-mouth yummy. But NOT cheap.

  2. I would enjoy coming to your Camp Mommy.

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