My Loves


One day he said: “Welcome back.” I didn’t start feeling 100% for about 3 weeks post surgery, and I am glad he was patient with me, and noticed I was back.

coming home after trying to ride with a new group of riders–2 flat tires and a little crash. Aw…you were so cute. Gotta keep trying!

Magically producing wipes when we had the poop emergency in an Illinois rest stop. Explaining it this way: “I’m a boy eagle scout!”

Exhibiting many other eagle scout moments throughout our road trip!

your endless patience, tolerance and love.


Hearing your little sad sick voice on the phone, trying to cheer you up.

“You know what’s weird about words? Sometimes you say a word twice, but each time it means something different.” (She had just heard Jason say,”right, right?” while we were driving.)

When your swim teacher got a substitute for her and it was a teenage boy, your perspective on swimming lessons TOTALLY changed from down and out to up and at ’em.

When I arrived after not seeing you for 2 weeks, your first words: “Wow! you look skinnier! And you smell different.”

While playing quelf, each person playing had to name a playground game, so we heard: red rover, duck, duck, goose, foursquare, etc., and when it was Lolly’s turn: “Grandpa! and Grandpa’s Pants!” We all got a little nervous…..and asked her how that game is played. Then we realized she was describing a relay race she had played jumping in over-size pants, in lieu of potato sacks.

“I wish I was in china.” (this at 10:45pm after viewing an outdoor pageant.)
Me: “me too! ……..why do you want to be in china?”
Lolly: “because then it would be morning!”

You are obeying (for the most part) much better lately.

I like cooking with you and making friendship bracelets with you.


Animatedly telling me all about animal jam MEMBERSHIP that Grammy gifted you during your visit, you lucky girl.

On the phone: “Mom, so how do you think Sam and Jennika are liking New York? When they see a homeless person or something like that, are they freaking out, or are they embracing it?”

Formulating your new video blogs….very sweet to watch your enthusiasm.

Wearing your pioneer Bonnet almost the entire time we were in Nauvoo.

Really taking responsibility for your practicing.

Wanting to read–JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER because of a “cliff hanger”

A Conversation:

L: I want to sleep with Sam and Jennika when they get here. (this is the gajillionth time she’s asked)

Me: Well, you can’t sleep with Sam and Jennika because sometimes when people are married they want their privacy in their bed….sometimes they might want to give each other a kiss or just have some private time.

Ph: Yeah! And THAT can turn into S-E-X.

L: What does S-A-S spell?

Me: It’s spells Sass. Sometimes married people just want to have a little private time and maybe be a little sassy. That’s why Mom and Dad don’t want you girls to sleep in our bed and Grammy and Papa they don’t want people sleeping in their bed.

L: WAIT. Old people get Sassy?


One response to “My Loves

  1. Kids conversations and Mommy responses are too hilarious!

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