New Creatures

I knew after I brought home my first horrible adorable, I needed two more.  Behold, my new creatures:

I like them quite a lot.


8 responses to “New Creatures

  1. Where did you get your couch pillows??

    • I got the quilted one and the scrabble tile at renegade craft fair. If you search a post about that there may be a link to the source. The dog pillow I got on set on a commercial shoot.

  2. Now the one you had looks much less lonely. I think if I walked through your door I would be able to tell what a unique and fun style you have! Too cute.

  3. I’m loving the three together!

  4. Your pad is so Glass. I love it!!

  5. So cool! I want some!

  6. I’m sorry, but these surely took J’s man card down a notch…i mean, felted fake animal heads hanging on your wall? Does he like them…was there any opposition to them? I think they’re quite freaky/strange but knowing you, you take that as a compliment. ;)

    • He had no say in the matter. As soon as he takes his road bike out of the bedroom, I will consider taking these off the walls. He’s yelling from the kitchen right now: “I voiced my opinion—and you RIGHT AWAY shut it down.” Compliment taken.

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