High Line

The High Line has changed a bit since last summer!  It now extends up to 30th Street, so there is more to enjoy!

I loved the Digital Empathy feature of the water fountains and bathrooms. The mirror told me I looked good in my outfit, while I washed my hands.  The water fountain I think was trying to educate me about water, but it was hard to hear with the wind.

From the highline website: “Julianne Swartz’s sound installation, Digital Empathy, greets High Line visitors with a variety of messages. At some sites, computer-generated voices speak messages of concern, support, and love, intermingled with pragmatic information. In other sites, those same digitized voices recite poetry and sing love songs to park visitors.”

Seriously, what’s not to love?

I spied a couple getting their engagement pictures taken on the High L ine.  How romantic.  If you visit NYC with kids, be sure to check out this book before you go, it’s one of our family favorites.


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