Top of the Rock

Last summer we went to the top of many buildings in pursuit of the best view. Willis Tower definitely won for best presentation of a view.  When Sam and Jennika came to town, I suggested we try Rock Center because I heard there was more of glass and less of wires (like the Empire State Building).

I was not disappointed with the presentation up there.  The glass is so nice because it provides a fluid picture of the city from above.  I really loved seeing Central Park in particular, and Queens vs. New Jersey.  It was also nice to see the rivers on either side of Manhattan.

I highly recommend visiting Top of the Rock for an aerial view of NYC….it helps orient you too, in case you are an NYC beginner. TIP: buy tickets online to avoid REAL LIFE lines.


2 responses to “Top of the Rock

  1. It is funny….I just gave this same advice to a FB friend that I used to know years ago in High School. I noticed that she was here on vacation and that she had done the Empire State Building yesterday. I suggested that she go see Top of the Rock too because, in my opinion, it has “better” views of more places in the city. You dont feel like a herd of cattle in jail there either….you have sufficient room to walk around, etc. I love it there!!

  2. I guess I should clarify the “cattle in jail” comment. I just meant that the Empire State Building has the bars everywhere and their terrace space is for limited and usually SUPER crowded.

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