Scenes from a Septoplasty 7

The doctor told me the “crusting” would continue for 2 to 3 weeks.  Well, look what cropped up week 3.

I never knew my pinky finger could go THAT far up my nose. I had to fish these bad boys out though…

[ Do not scroll down if you are uncomfortable with OVER SHARING …Hey it’s a LOT better than my PLACENTA. ]


3 responses to “Scenes from a Septoplasty 7

  1. Kage, you slay me. Honestly. You’re the only girl I can think of who would post this and I LOVE IT. My daughter just got a HUGE wart all burned and I am dying to pick at it. WHAT is my problem?

  2. OH my dear! You really did feel the need to share didn’t you? Thank you! Hope you got all of it out?!!!

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