My Loves June


On Sunday, without asking, preparing snacks, lunch and turning on the Sunday playlist. That was so helpful as your sister fell apart.

Being SO excited for the Glass Guild Awards.

You were so helpful while making Father’s Day breakfast.

Accepting a typed pages document in lieu of your mother.  The surgery was difficult on you, you need your mom’s ear quite a bit.

We said NO you could not take a Bess beetle home, but YES you could pet sit them for  a week in August, you’d think I’d given you a trip to Disneyworld over your reaction.

You have  been taking over reading duties while I recover, I love your inflection, and how you catch me up on parts I missed.

Being so excited to go to Grammy’s house.  Setting your alarm to make sure you wouldn’t miss it.


watching cycling with your helmet on.

taking such good care of all of us during surgery week.

Sneaking your snacks at the hospital.

I know when I get old and REALLY sick, you are going to take such good care of me, I’m so lucky.

It was fun riding bikes with you.

Thanks for putting up with my moodswings while riding bikes, cleaning up the house post paint. etc.

You did a great job taking care of me and encouraging me through the surgery-that was much harder than I expected.


As you learn to ride your bike, chatting up a storm

“sharpies are just like pancakes, because when you put it on, it starts growing.”

“MOM! You and DAD never turn off the lights in your bathroom and that is not good for eLECTRISSy”

You are very helpful with laundry and sweeping.

During a Sound of Music sing-a-thon on the subway, you said, “let’s sing the one where she’s in the coach, I’ll be Weasle!”  (gazebo, Liesl)

The first day home from my surgery, while Dad was at the pharmacy I heard my door open and close twice, I know it was use peaking at me….a few days later the same thing happened, only I looked over at you and you made a heart shape with your fingers and put it on your chest. Thanks for taking care of me.

I was beating a steady tempo during practice and you said: “MOM! I don’t NEED That, I know the temperature!”

Being so excited about your trip to Grammy’s and being so grown up about flying unaccompanied!


2 responses to “My Loves June

  1. I love these posts. I used to do something similar in my journal, and you’ve motivated me to start again. Just like blogging helps you see all the stories in your life, the thought that goes into collecting and remembering these type of moments helps you see all the divinity in your life. And you know what Elder Maxwell says about moments. :)

  2. I always love reading the funny things Lolly says…

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