Scenes from a Septoplasty 4

I was not aware of being wheeled anywhere, I was just concentrating on breathing.  Once I came to another level of consciousness, I felt for my teeth. Were they still there?  Yes, I was pretty sure they were….back to sleep.  [one of my main concerns with surgery was being intubated, because they use your front teeth to leverage the tube, and teeth break during this process, so I wanted to protect my new implant and crowns!!!!]

I came too again—my mouth was so dry. The recovery nurse brought me water.  Where is Jason? He said he’d be here when I woke up…. and I was back to sleep.

How are you feeling?

I feel heavy and sleepy.

You are going to feel that way today.

Back to sleep.

KRISTY! You need to go home!

I know. My husband will get me home!

My mouth is SO DRY. Teeth ok? yes. MY MOUTH! I’m so thirsty! heavy! sleepy!

There’s that lady with the other operation man….where’s Jason?

I just wanted to keep sleeping but my dry mouth kept pushing me awake.  Finally the nurse called for my husband.  It had been 2 hours since I was out of surgery, I was surprised to hear that my surgeon had already talked with him about how it went and how I was doing and when my next appointment would be.  He was surprised he hadn’t been called to me.

Cute resident came in and I got to talk to him one last time.  He demonstrated JUST how deviated my septum was with a hand gesture and that I had a bone spur too, and we all agreed I was an excellent candidate for the surgery just performed.  I changed clothes and took the longest cab ride home of my life.

By 9 pm I was feeling recovered from the anesthesia and delighted to have no pain and in complete hell with my nose packs.

I think the government should consider replacing Water Boarding with Nose Packing.  Gauze up the nose.  It’s like when you have a stuffy nose and have to breathe out of your mouth right? Only, sometimes one of your sinuses clears and you get a break or you can still swallow without your ears popping?

Your nostrils are so full and bleeding out the front so that you have to wear a gauze mustache and your mouth remains open and you can’t sleep because your body’s all: Why is my mouth so dry! Wake up and fix that! Oh, and you can’t taste and all you can smell is BLOOD!

For two days, the longest stretch of sleep I got was 3 hours.  And that only happened once. The routine was, rest eyes for like 20 minutes, take a sip, rest, swallow, try a halls, try the tongue–no, tongue has NO moisture left, take another sip, now I have to pee, and start again, every hour, on the hour.

No appetite, only one bendy straw in the whole house so I kept cleaning it, had to take pills with food, so gingerly forced down banana yogurt….dry mouth, can’t sleep, nose full….counting down hours until 9:20 AM on Wednesday morning.

At first I thought the packing stayed for a week, so I kept telling myself I could get through 2 days! And I did! but I would not like to repeat that ever. Ever.

Surgery on the face = I’d rather have surgery ANYWHERE else…..and I cannot imagine anyone ELECTING to have plastic surgery for vanity’s sake…accidents/fixing things fine, but man, facial surgery is the PITS!


4 responses to “Scenes from a Septoplasty 4

  1. Wow. Thank you. I’ve found you entries about this very interesting, and someone (myself) who has been recommended sinus surgery by 2 different ENT’s I am still 50/50 on this surgery. Were you on prescription pain meds or was the pain bearable or tolerable with over the counter medicines? Are you glad you did it now that it’s over?

    • I experienced very little pain. When the packs were removed the pain began, but it was only like a 1 or a 2 and only in certain positions (chewing, smiling, talking, brushing teeth). I took extra-strength tylenol about 5 times last week for a headache.

      Now that it is over, I am glad I did it. I can breathe much better, but the true test will be if the # of sinus infections decreases next winter.

      I could never recommend anyone go through with it unless they really truly need it. I knew I had a deviated septum for years, but I became to SICK of being SICK, that I was willing to do anything, including this.

  2. kristie larsen

    oooh! hope you recover soon. that packing looks so so miserable! and your eyes look totally doped up ; )
    love you and hang in there!!

    • I was intentionally doing Lolly crazy eyes and trying to smile….I sent it to a friend after she called, said: you made me smile!

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