The Met

Phoebe’s class had a field trip to the Met last week and my parents and I tagged along.  The last time I had been there was with much younger children, and I realized that I had never really been and looked at the art.  In the past I was always distracted by my little kiddos.  The Met is such a treasure.

Last week it was extra special because the Alexander McQueen exhibit was there.  His creations are so incredible, what a terrible loss of talent!

I took a few shots of my favorites:

A building of inspiration!  I am looking forward to going back soon.


2 responses to “The Met

  1. It was definitely a highlight of my trip.

  2. I just got all caught up on your life! #1 – I HOPE you are feeling well and not miserable at this time. Really – nasal/sinus stuff is so not fun. Hugs and thoughts your way

    Also, all the stuff your crew is doing is so fun. Love the play pictures, etc.

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