I Sew!

I found this scrap of pink fabric at a fabric store in town and bought it for 2 bucks. I took my parents to Mood last week and stumbled upon the most fantastic ELASTIC section, including this sparkly butterfly option!

I wish the hem had turned out better, I experimented with different sizes of stitches, and I wonder if I went to small, or if I should have done zigzag instead of straight, but no matter, the girls love it, and it’s just for fun anyway!  There is room to make it a bit shorter, so if you have any suggestions, let me know, maybe I’ll tackle it again!



3 responses to “I Sew!

  1. cute! I need to go to Mood. Thanks for the reminder of its existence.

  2. There should be a blind stitch or hem stitch option on your machine. There is probably a tutorial on how to blindstich a hem.

  3. Or even add a peice of ribbon along the bottom edge to mask the seam. Adorable anyway.

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