What I’m doing today…

I’m having a nose job. I hope I don’t look like her when I get back.

My week looks like this:

“The easy part of the recovery only begins once the packing is removed. While the packing is in, patients are relatively miserable. You can’t breath well through your nose, there is a pressure feeling, and there are large amounts of drainage. Sometimes patients get a headache but not always. When your nose is so congested, it often feels better to sleep sitting up, once the packing is removed, everything gets better quickly. Bloody drainage continues for weeks.”

If you need me, I’ll be in bed, watching netflix from my instant queue on my computer.


7 responses to “What I’m doing today…

  1. kristie larsen

    OH!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! Will be praying for you and a speedy recovery. be sure to watch food inc. (streams on netflix) i hear its so great and also so disturbing. all you want in a movie about your food!!
    love you!!

  2. You are brave! My husband had a sinus surgery and I remember how miserable he was, but only for about three days when the took the packing out of his nose. You crack me up, I hope you don’t look like the statue either or like Michael Jackson.

  3. Good luck! You’ll love it! :)

  4. All will be well! eventually :):)

  5. Sending good vibes and hopes for clearer breathing on the other side–eventually.

  6. Yeah, that would be a big bummer if you looked like her when you come out on the other side :) Good luck today.

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