Renegade just gets better and better every year. This year there were so many tents, it took hours just to get through it all! I made my best purchases yet!

Here is what made it home:

A Horrible Adorable. I am convinced I need two more, this one looks too lonely.

Some amazing wool from yeti yarns and dry goods that I quickly put to work in another frame cozy.

I got this pillow and a pincushion from namoo designs. There is some more yarn from the same vendor as above and a scrabble tile pillow from dirtsa studio.  I really wanted to get their frog anatomy pillow too!

It was cold and rainy at renegade and I forgot my umbrella at Bacon Brunch (I was full the rest of the day), so I had to layer up. I bought a hoody from this shop, it was wicked warm and caught a few eyes, including Valerie’s from Project Runway. Her words: “the bird makes it.” And it does.  There is also fur on the inside of the hood!

I almost went alone, but I’m glad I brought these goons with me.  I’m already saving up for next year!



6 responses to “Renegade

  1. ok, color me officially jealous that you could go to this! it’s like Etsy Live!!!! whoa!

    thanks so much for sharing info and links! a girl can dream for next year!

    • Actually, I’m hoping to go to real etsy live tomorrow night:

      Crafting in the Park

      Thursday, Jun 16, 2011, 4:00 PM

      Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1
      Old Fulton Street and Furman Street Brooklyn, NY

      76 Etsians Went

      Join Etsy Labs andChurch of Craft in theBrooklyn BridgePark for an afternoon of pleine-air crafting. Bring along anyproject suitable for crafting outdoors, and we’ll craft to the tuneof the East River, Brooklyn Bridge, and passing clouds.Meet usoutside in the sunshine in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Pier 1. Come byany time (between 4-8 p.m.), b…

      Check out this Meetup →

  2. I love Project Runway sightings, how fun! Wish I could have been there this year, I’ll have to get it on my calendar and make sure to be there next time. Renegade ’12, here we come! :-)

  3. I was so sad to miss it this year!! We were flying to Florida that same day. Glad to hear it was good!

  4. I noticed all those cute things in your house…PLEASE take me with you next year!

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