Summer Makeup

We found ourselves at Sephora that deadly venus flytrap of makeup consumption!

I ended up buying a whole new summer makeup routine that will take me to and fro without the ridiculous ziploc bags interfering with any liquids.  Here is the line up, I even found solid perfume, so that I can smell good even on vacation!

rosebud salve
urban decay deluxe shadow box
pacifica solid perfume in grapefruit
nars the multiple in orgasm
clinique glosswear spf 15
my two fave mascaras

Kiehls SPF 50

In this photo I am wearing the right/middle eye shadow in the shade SCRATCH and the nars stick in ORGASM (my blog is rated R again) and the urban decay glitter in DISTORTION.  This makeup routine calls for no foundation or concealer.  It is hard for me to look at myself without the BASE, but it just melts right off my face anyway, so I just have to accept the cleaner look of summer.

This will be so easy to travel with, I am pretty excited to start my new summer makeup routine.


2 responses to “Summer Makeup

  1. love rosebud salve!!!! with your gorgeous skin, i can’t imagine u worrying about no foundation! you can definately pull it off kristy! glad u had fun, would love to take my 2 year old to sephora–she is a makeup/lipstick maniac!


  2. Ok, crazy, your hair in that pic looks EXACTLY like your mom’s in this pic to the right! Even here in France I get caught in Sephora!

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