I Sew!

My new sewing machine arrived and I let it sit there for a week, afraid to open it. I’m so glad I did though!  It works so much better than my clunky, dying-a-slow-death machine.

I was inspired by Miggy who linked to this tutorial and I followed it and above is the result!  I took a risk and tried one of the decorative stitches, and I love the cute detail!  I have a stack of cut fabric to make about 4 more!!! Excited.

Top by Zara.



4 responses to “I Sew!

  1. This is adorable! Well done.

  2. Good Job! That cute daughter is growing up to be a nice young lady. Crazy how that happens so fast right before your eyes.

  3. gorgeous!

  4. these skirts are so cute!!and the skits on the womans blog are soo cute too i must learn!!

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