Behold: Monkeys, Monsters & Mermaids

Behold, this labor of love.

As soon as I got my hands on De Brunhoff’s illustrations for BABAR AND ZEPHIR, I knew the inspiration for the 3rd Grade Class Play’s costumes lie there in its pages.

I took the reins of Costume Mom with full force and I am so happy with the results!  I stretched myself: crocheting, sewing, sketching, pattern-making, dying, fabric shopping, glueing, refashioning, ebaying and learning so much! Guys, I made pants…oh, I think I already mentioned what a miracle PANTS are.

I cannot take all the credit. One Mom made two soldier costumes (the ones that are crisp and ironed …my guys pants were a bit wrinkled), hemmed a few of my vintage dress finds and helped SO MUCH. A Dad made the entire Newsboy costume and was responsible for taking our tails from droopy to wirey and bouncey (not seen in these photos).

I was artistic costume designer overseer and jack of all trades.  My favorite accomplishments being the Goat/Monster costume, Mermaid Costumes, plaid vest refashion, ROYAL white collar and the bubble PANTS! My best ebay find was the red and plaid dress on the baby sister monkey (thus the shorter hemline)

Special thank you to Carrie for the skype sewing classes (with a baby in her lap) and follow up texts and phone calls AND the sewing machine you strongly suggest I buy from you years ago: “50 bucks!” I’m glad I bought it.


5 responses to “Behold: Monkeys, Monsters & Mermaids

  1. I am speechless……this is seriously amazing! I’m so excited to see it all in person. You are costume mom extroardinaire!

  2. …..and the award for awesome creativity and production of costumes goes to…..Costume Mom! These are the most amazing outfits made for a 3rd grade play ever. The video recordings that families take of this production will be saved forever and viewed by their posterity!

  3. The costumes look awesone! Good Job!

  4. I am loving ALL of this, but most especially the screen capture of the cross-country sewing lessons. Love you guys!

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