People Watching: My People

I love when I see a fellow fiber artist riding the subway.  In 2010 I would approach them and tell them about the Lovescarf project.  I didn’t get anyone to follow through, so I stopped accosting people.  It does bring me joy to see someone working on a project.

I wish this subway knitters group I joined on ravelry was a little more organized.  I want to check out the podcasts.  Do you think they know about worldwide knit in public day? Do you think it still counts if I crochet?


One response to “People Watching: My People

  1. These girls create something to show for their spare moments. One year (teaching 2nd grade) I decided to crochet during recess time. It was a great break and relaxing for me. The result: a large afghan of crocheted granny squares (red, white & blue) that I call my recess afghan. Handwork keeps you calm while waiting in contruction zones, long lines etc.

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