A new friend?

We frequent a playground when the weather turns warm, and now our new friend raccoon does as well.

The first time we saw her hanging out some parents were nervous she had rabies, because she was acting very non-nocturnal.  The second time, I had a little conversation with the park rangers about our new friend.  They pointed out they she was tagged which means she had received her rabies vaccination.  They theorized that her daytime scavenging was because she is a mother with a nest.

She is getting bolder and bolder and very comfortable with us humans.  She crawled into my friend’s stroller and stole her snack right in front of her.  When we eat snacks, if we drop anything, she scoots right on over like a regular pigeon.

On the way home from the zoo the other day, we saw a different group officials trying to catch her, but a few hours later, there she was, climbing trees, eating popcorn and posing for pictures.

New York, it’s a wild place!


2 responses to “A new friend?

  1. You learned some great coon facts. Thanks for sharing. Creepy about her getting in the stroller.

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