Medical Adventures, Chapter 327

I had a good cry last week.  I got my feelings hurt.  I went back to the old familiar place of burying my feelings, but somewhere deep down my body retaliated.  Finally it was; out with it! and I had a good cry.

The hurt feelings was complicated by an upcoming surgery I had just scheduled. I’m getting a nose job.  I agreed to the first date they suggested because I am so desperate to get better (6 months of on and off sinus infection situations) and the surgery was conflicting with gads of beautiful events coming up in my life.  After I had a good cry and took a few breaths, I realized I needed to reschedule it.

I’m still pretty nervous about the surgery and mostly the recovery.  I guess a blog is a good place to ask: Have you ever had a septoplasty/turbinate surgery? And what was the recovery like? I have heard a WIDE range of responses to post-surgery recovery, and so of course, I am planning for the worst.

I could really care less about the black eyes and swelling. I just want to know about pain and when can I exercise and how is it breathing out of your mouth for a week? And the removal of the packs—is that as terrible as I imagine it?

I want the honest truth here people, don’t sugar coat it.


3 responses to “Medical Adventures, Chapter 327

  1. hi kristy! do you remember me from cesd? i’ve continued to read your blog on & off over the past few years, and was so surprised today when i saw your post! i had septoplasty & sinus surgery a year ago, and my turbinates burned as well. the actual surgery part was not so bad. it was my first surgery & first anesthesia so i really did not know what to expect. i had the packing removed in the recovery room, which was uncomfortable, but not horrible. once you get home, you will probably be told to irrigate and do a lot of saline sprays. that was not fun at first because it burned, and i was not prepared for all the blood that i was coughing up, but that stopped after about 2 days and i think i stopped needing gauze under my nostrils after the first day. i didn’t get black eyes or swell, but i did feel pretty out of it for a few days. i had the surgery on a monday and was back at work on friday. after 2 weeks i got the okay to do light exercise and i was okay to fly a month later. i hope that helps and feel free to email me if you have any other questions!

  2. I had a nose job when I was 17 but it might be a different surgery than yours. It was b/c I had broken my nose terribly. Shattered! It’s hard for me to remember much besides the swelling and black eyes. For me it was hard to come out of anesthesia, but I’ve always had that problem and not everyone does. As for the breathing and stuff, I can’t even remember. But I know for me it was SO WORTH IT!!!

  3. My husband had this surgery, and he was miserable for about 3-4 days and it took a couple of weeks to fully heal from the surgery . Can’t remember how long it was before he returned to the gym.

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