Crochet: Poncho

After I decided to do a crochet fashion show, I realized I needed a few more pieces. I knew that I wanted to wear something too.  I figured a poncho would be quick and easy.

I headed down to Heaven on Earth I mean, Lion Brand Studio in NYC and picked up the black JIFFY yarn and some of Vanna’s Glamour in Onyx, and by that evening had made their Town & Country Poncho.  I still had one more day until the show, so I headed BACK down to the studio and made one more poncho just in the nick of time. The second one in Jiffy: Shocking Pink, Silver Heather, & Dark Grey Heather and Vanna’s Glamour: Jewel, Diamond, Platinum.

The ponchos are adult size, so my models here are a little tiny, but you get the idea:

The photo doesn’t capture it, but the Vanna’s Glamour makes them sparkly!


5 responses to “Crochet: Poncho

  1. are you kidding me?!!? you made those both in a day?? is there anything you can’t do?? and where on earth do you find the time-because you are already the busiest woman i know. props to you, love! they’re great!

  2. one day for each one. And it was JIFFY yarn, so it went super fast. probably took 5-6 hours…so I did it while waiting for my kids to finish their extra-curriculars and watched tv at night….you can’t really tell in the pic but I also used a strand of the sparkle yarn so they both have a little shine.

  3. amazing!

  4. They look awsome! I love crochet too and I want to start a few projects as well. Where do you get the patterns for your creations or do you just “free style” them?

    • Kristy Glass

      I got these on lion brand. I get patterns there and on ravelry– my new addiction!

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