Condo Adventures: Giraffe Family

Ever since we redid the family room I hated looking at the outlet between the bookshelf and the media unit.  I always imagined putting a low, skinny hot pink vase there to conceal it.

Then I was browsing the sale section of anthro and saw this giraffe family. I quickly looked at the dimensions of the largest giraffe and then measured the tiny nook I wanted it to fill (conceal). Perfect! The exact measurements–didn’t even have to move the media unit out.

So, welcome little giraffe family, I like you quite a lot, especially the Dad wearing a necklace and the Mom kissing his head and the baby all: What’s up? What’s going on?

The girls like to touch it so that it makes that annoying ceramic sound that creeped me out in Gnomeo in Juliet (Carrie, remember the purple gloves in Charlie and Choclate Factory? That ceramic sound was my purple gloves)…I’ve chosen not to react, in hopes they will cut it out already.


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