Latest Work

I got some tears from a job I did last August with Lolly.

I was so excited to see the shots they got on her because she was wearing this adorable polka-dot Crewcuts dress and had her hair in pigtails.  She followed the photographer around with moxie and was just out on set all by herself having a great time.

I was so disappointed when her day ended in a hornet attack.  My friend had come to pick her up….which was such a good thing because I ended up being stuck on set for another 6 hours or so…and Lolly and her son happened on some hornets! Eek!

11 stings later she was ready for some cuddles with Mom, and we did just that on the entire train ride home.

The catalog arrived last week and I quickly paged through it: me, yeah who cares, me again, ok, me, me, me….where’s Lolly?

Not ONE frame.

Not even her little hand holding one of the treats. NONE to be found. I was shocked!

It took me a while to get over it, but finally, here a few of my favorites….

Had to put the inebriated shot in–I look it right? I do not audition for alcohol-related jobs, but this was chocolate, so when I got to the set, I had no choice…they handed me a martini, which I did not expect, and there you have it, they got a shot of me looking drunk too-perfect!

The cover is the middle shot and I was over that guy in about 15 minutes, he had one of the most terrible mouths I have ever heard-Sailor talk I tell you!

My favorite shot is the one on the right, I thought that girl and I looked a lot a like, but it actually doesn’t look too twinsie after all.  A lot of interesting discussion was had at that picnic table all day long in the hot sun.  And we got to taste a lot too….most of it was mighty fine, I took about 20 boxes of chocolates home. Try the cinnamon-dusted almonds  (click on that link to browse the ENTIRE catalog too). YUM.


One response to “Latest Work

  1. How disappointing that none of Lolly’s pictures printed!! Is it possible they will be using hers in something else?

    On a completely separate topic, I have been following your make-up advice and tutorials, and I was so excited to see that the make-up brushes are back at Costco! Picked a set of 10 up today for $23.99. Can’t wait to try them out. ;)

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