Costume Progress

I am reaching the home stretch of the costume compiling.  The theme for my costume design (yes, I am the self-appointed 3rd grade class play costume designer) is “1950’s homemade with a French twist”.

I have crocheted 10 pairs of monkey tube gloves, changed 12 pairs of monkey ears from their former mouselike position to a more monkeylike position, made 3 pairs of pants, 2 vests, 2 mermaid tails (just have a little tulle left), shell headpieces, starfish wristlets, dyed a dress, a pair of monster leg warmers, gone fabric and trim shopping countless times, shortened sleeves, embellished a jacket and hat, ebayed for vintage little girl dresses and put lots of love into each of these costumes.

My sewing machine broke last week, so now that it’s tuned up, I can FINISH what I began back in April.

I think I’m most proud of the pants (every time I put on a pair now I am so impressed–pants are truly a miracle) that I made and this white royal collar. I studied collars on etsy and bought some fabric and trim in a shop and I even followed a scalloped edge to conceal my stitching.  I did good on that.

I really wanted these military monkeys to look like the illustration in de Brunhoff’s Babar and Zephir, and I think we (another mom helped me sew pants and sashes and embellish jackets) really did a great job.  This black hat I was given by the costume department, and I used Phoebe’s sleeves for the white fluffy stuff on top (recycle!)

Of course I never would have felt empowered to do this without encouragement from my BFF.  Without her, there would be no red bubble pants or mermaid tails or dyed dresses.  My hope is to get some really great photos at our Costume Parade in a month, so that I can post the final final pix here!

Special thanks to Jason for dealing with all the piles and piles of fabric and costumes.

PS. These bags have been AWESOME for organizing and distributing costumes.  I also do other things that are not costumes-related, like give Baby Showers.


8 responses to “Costume Progress

  1. You must be EXHAUSTED!!!!! This is really great work. I am very impressed.

  2. look at you, you’re amazing. these look awesome! seriously, I love that you took this on, and I love the creativity and results. (ps. I saw your bff and baby at a craft fair in CA)

  3. Just to be clear, all of those dresses were bought on ebay…I did not make them. I shortened sleeves and dyed, but did not MAKE.

  4. I am so proud of you! Way to take on such an ambitious project and to produce the costumes in such a fun way. All of this creativity has certainly increased your talents. What is the name of the play? The royal collar, tails and tube gloves are my favorite. A great hurdle to to use a sewing pattern for the first time. Awesome job!

  5. I am so impressed!!!! There is a certain style about it all that is just awesome.

  6. Way to go! Now I have two, no wait, three crazy seamstress friends! Can’t wait to see the final!

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