Motts Renewal

I got word that Motts renewed, but I didn’t realize it was a shopping cart in Florida renewal.

What’s up with them choosing this shot? Crop the messy hair out at least… hmmm….


6 responses to “Motts Renewal

  1. I saw this on the floor of our grocery store (in the juice aisle) in San Diego!

  2. i love this pic of you!

  3. Super Duper cute!! I love it and think the hair looks just fine. Kind of like it’s swinging in the fun wind of your playtime. If that makes any sense. :)

  4. Can you really blame them for wanting to use this again? ADORABLE!

  5. I love it. It’s so great of both of you. By the way, Gerber life loves you. I got an ad in the mail for them the other day with a different photo than the one they use of you in their commercial.

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