A friend of mine recently booked her second broadway gig covering for Beth Leavel in Baby It’s You.  Another friend of mine was in a similar situation in January covering for the role of Diana in Next to Normal on broadway. She went on twice and didn’t tell me, and I was SO MAD that I missed her.

I sat Alison down when she got the news about Baby It’s You and told her that she WOULD text me when she was going on because I could be to the theatre in 15 minutes. Every time we went out to lunch during rehearsals we practiced:

You get news you are going on—who do you text?  ME!

So, on Tuesday night my phone rang around 10 PM, and it was Alison, I picked up:

“You’re going on?”

The next day at 2 pm I was the youngest person in the theatre waiting to watch her make her HUGE MEGA Broadway appearance.

She was a star.

It reminded me of the time I went on in the last production I did (a hundred years ago) at secondstage theatre.  I had about 2 hours notice to get myself together do a quick put-in rehearsal and make it happen!  It was amazing.

When she took her final bow I cried, I was so proud of her!!!!  I love living here and being able to support a bestie on broadway at the drop of a metrocard (and american express card)!  I’m sure I will be in the audience for many more of her shows in the years to come. I couldn’t be happier!

OH! PS. To all you young actors out there. Alison was hired to be the reader for all the Baby It’s You Auditions.  Some actors kind of turn their noses up at that job, but she took it with enthusiasm. After everyone had been seen, they asked her to audition and the role was hers!  A good lesson to learn!


3 responses to “Friends

  1. Love it! Oh I miss living close to Broadway.

  2. Funny, Christine Pedi (of Sirius XM fame) was talking this morning about how she was supposed to go see Beth, but she was out sick so she’s going tonight. It’s a small broadway world after all.

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