The Posse took a quick trip to Chicago last weekend. Jason was signed up to run a marathon in Champaign, but has an IT band injury, so he will defer for a year.

Instead we just hung out at Grammy & Papas house.  I got a lot of crocheting done, took a nice long nap, and ran 7 miles with my Jason.  (the longest he has run in months, and he was regretting skipping the marathon—men!)

I took 2 photos during my trip. One of Jason in a dressing room, against his will, so I will NOT be posting that here on the interwebs.  The other one I will gladly share with you:

I was most interested in the Royal Wedding because my dear friend Victoria covered the wedding as CBS’s Royal Expert.

Look at her!

But come on….could that woman have looked anymore beautiful? That DRESS! Her makeup! Hair! Crown! Seriously, words cannot describe. I am SO proud of Victoria for all her great work on this–a dream for her! I can’t wait for our belated birthday tea party when she returns!


2 responses to “Chicago

  1. Victoria is a beauty! Oh gosh that iPhone pic says it all. It looks like Phoebe and Lolly are the only ones not watching.

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