Perfect New York Day

Yesterday was the perfect New York Day. The weather was a beautiful 70 degrees.  I felt the medium high allergy index just a little bit, as my allergy meds are miraculous pills from heaven.

I dropped the girls off from school and then had the kick-off to my new running club. Running with girlfriends in Central Park is now one of my most favorite NYC activities.  It was an easy interval run/walk workout to initiate new runners to the club.

After that I headed to visit teach my girls.  It is always uplifting to freely talk about my testimony and explore spiritual topics in a safe environment.  I chose to speak about this article called Mothers and Daughters and LDS Women are Incredible!

Next I popped into a casting that took less than 5 minutes, and I was so glad I brought a change of clothes, as I was required to wear business attire.  I grabbed a quick lunch at my favorite place and did a little shopping, because Lolly requested some new leggings.  Sadly, no Manhattan American Apparel had fuschia, so we went with gold instead.

I picked up the girls with Trader Joe’s snacks in hand (I tend to buy sliced mango and olive oil popcorn and sometimes Joe Joes!), and we headed to Central Park.  I got some monkey gloves crocheted while chatting with a mom friend, and enjoyed the weather!

Walking in to the smell of my crockpot barbecue chicken when I got home was so nice. The girls obeyed me by bathing while I finished the corn on the cob (it was sweet already!) and broccoli to complete our dinner.  I read to the girls (Lolly fell asleep) and then finished the rest of my monkey tube gloves while relaxing.  The evening ended with a phone call from my friend who thinks she may be going ON tomorrow in her 2nd broadway show (she’s standby) and I hope hope hope she does and that I am in the audience to see her! Hooray! An awesome New York Day!


6 responses to “Perfect New York Day

  1. HEAVEN!

  2. i wish i could be in a running club! i used to run but dont anymore because i have some back pain. do you know anybody that has back issues and can still run? my chiro told me not to jog but that i could do sprints…i miss it so bad!! do you run nonstop or do you sprint?

    • I don’t know about back issues and then running! Usually I run nonstop, but yesterday I did intervals, run/walk and it was still a great workout!

  3. I know exactly the kind of beautiful NYC day you are talking about. I remember spending many spring days in Central Park. So lovely. Random question – for that recipe, do you only use 2 chicken breasts for your size family??? Might have to try that one.

  4. Yup, sounds pretty perfect to me!

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