Mountain Country

Now it’s been a month since I went to Utah. Were you wondering when I would post about it? Well, today is the day.

This collage of photos sums up our good times had there in Mountain Country.

We ate lots of delicious food. It was my first time trying Tres Leches at Cafe Rio (delightful).  We took a bunch of awkward family photos on A for Anderson.  I got to see some of my besties who I met in NYC but said goodbye to as they trekked far west.  I am so glad they were willing to drive far to see us and EAT.

Most importantly, we said goodbye to little sister Courtney who is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Santa Rosa, California.  She is in the MTC now learning Spanish and stuff.  She is really into it, so I know she will succeed.  See you in 18 17 months.


3 responses to “Mountain Country

  1. A good time was had by all! And yes….can you believe one month has already passed??!!!!

  2. Tres Leches was Kim’s wedding cake – can you believe it? And the East Coast is coming into the 21st century – a Cafe Rio opened up in Olney, MD – can’t wait to try it up close and personal. Great photos of the family – time does go quickly, doesn’t it?

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