The diamond district in Manhattan is a little block on 47th street between 5th and 6th avenue. There are a bajillion jewelers trying to sell! sell! sell!

On my birthday, my pursuit was for a pair of tiny post bow earrings in yellow gold and diamonds.

I had a pair that I bought at anthropologie for my birthday the year before.  One earring broke and the other one felt like it was on its way out.  I loved them, wore them all the time.  I knew I was ready to get the real deal.  I had found my signature earrings!

Jason and I went from stall to stall, store to store with the tiny earrings and asked if they had anything like it.  No, no, no.  Some people tried to woo me into buying something similar or totally different.  I did find a few alternatives, but I would not be deterred.

The techniques the jewelers used were mostly pushy and insensitive.

Meaning, EVERYTHING I tried on looked SO AMAZING. Come on. You’re lying.  Tell me what ISN’T me and what IS me. Pay attention to the other jewelry I am wearing to get a feel for my style, be smart.  STOP handing me a Grandma Ring.

ANYWAYZ, after several stops, we found a little humble couple who told me they could MAKE the same earring as the one I held in my hand.  I asked them to show me other work they had custom-made and I was convinced. We made the deposit and waited a few weeks for the finished results.

I think it’s pretty difficult to take a good photo of jewelry, but I did my best. I LOVE them so much.  The more I could not find the earrings already made, the more I knew I was on to something really unique.  Even shopstyle didn’t have exactly the earrings I was looking for for my birthday present.

Thanks for the earrings Jason!


2 responses to “Present

  1. Your custom earrings are beauties! You know how I love bows.

  2. Those are beautiful – and isn’t it nice to get them from a nice couple. Maybe you’ll have a new source for jewelry in the future – good job Jason.

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