I pay attention to my face a lot because I want to take care of my skin and eyebrows, and I do my makeup daily to try to get work, or just to have fun!

I have noticed that lately I’ve made a little jump in the aging process.  I have many more fine lines when I smile around my eyes and mouth.  I find myself looking at other women and trying to guess their age based on the lines we share in common.  I mostly pay attention to this when I’m grooming and when I get photos back.

And, suddenly, I have pretty pronounced freckles.  I wear sunscreen everyday, even in the winter (I’ve been doing that for about 2 or 3 years, I used to only wear it in summer), and so I am surprised that it’s just late April, it’s been a very cold spring, I have spent little time outside, and my face looks like it usually does in late August.

I think this is an aging thing.  I’m surprised when I see a photo of me with full makeup, and I’m a total freckle face.  I think I’m going to need to get some thicker foundation!

I’m totally okay with this, it’s just a new thing, a new discovery and a curiosity for the future, how many more will I get? How dark will they be? Will I trade in porcelain skin for freckle face? It’s all about the jobs!!!


9 responses to “CH Ch ch CHANGES

  1. Well you know where those freckles come from…….

  2. i have noticed more “freckles” too…i refuse to call them age spots haha! they are most likley skin damage aka sun spots. i live in the south and we are always outside in the sun, at the lake, beach…even with sunblock i get golden. i have had to trade up and get thicker foundation…it still goes on thin it just covers better. ah the joys of getting older…augh!!!

  3. i love the freckles. Maybe you’ve been out in the sun more than you typically are this time of year because of your half marathon training?

  4. Haha….guess what I bought today for the first time? Kiehl’s Abbysine Eye Cream. This after receiving a facial, and the tech said (in a thick Russian accent), “You need good eye cream. Your face look 30. Your eye look 40.” Ouch.

  5. Freckles are cute!
    What lip gloss/lip stick are you wearing in that photo? It’s a lovely shade!

  6. Up until I was about 30 I had perfect beautiful skin. Only a few freckles on my nose that would pop out if I was in the sun too long, then boom I had freckles everywhere. I am hoping to get a peel once I have my baby in hopes to smooth out my complexion. If you here of anything else that works let me know. I was thinking of trying Clinics new product, but at $70 I am a little nervous to buy if it doesn’t deliver results.

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