On the 12th day of spring break…

my true love gave to me:

A meltdown about not owning high heels (your 6)

Slipping in the mud twice

Getting too close to a dog and receiving a dog bite

A bike (your sisters) grazing your shoulder (right after the dog)

Nearly being hit by a falling roof piece (a block after the dog)

Peeing all over the bathroom floor because you couldn’t get your romper off

Screaming and Arguing during flute practice

And a partridge in a pear tree.

I gave myself cocunut m & m’s , marshamallow bunny cookies, trader joes dark chocolate and a viewing of Wonderland.

I made it.


4 responses to “On the 12th day of spring break…

  1. Yay! Back to school tomorrow!!!!

  2. How was wonderland?

  3. I would have needed at least one more piece of chocolate than that.

    • Oh, when I wrote that I was planning on eating some TJ’s dark chocolate, but when I forgot it (as my show snack) I traded it in for a banana malt with a shot of chocolate instead…I think it was a fair trade.

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