Every other year our church schedule changes, so we can stop by the Easter Parade in the morning. This year was an Easter Parade year!  I presented the girls with some straw hats and materials, and they each took great care in designing their 2011 Easter Bonnets while watching Judy and Fred in EASTER PARADE.  The Bonnets turned out WAY better than I anticipated.  And I didn’t burn my finger once on the hot glue.


5 responses to “Crafty

  1. That settles it. I’m making one for myself next year.

  2. very cute. you guys look awesome!

  3. I can imagine the fun they had while being creative. Their hats turned out super. Please get a glue gun that uses low melt. Since my blistering episode 7 years ago, I don’t use the hot one ever.

  4. Cute! The little bunnies are my favorite part.

  5. I like how Lolly made the egg have eyes and an easter bonnet on top of her bonnet.

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