Easter Report

Easter Morn began early with a 5:30 alarm so that we could make it to the Sonrise Service in Central Park with some friends.

It was a beautiful setting, the weather was prime.  It was special to be in the park, sitting on the rocks, looking out over the lake and singing praises with other members of our community.

We had a quick bagel snack with our friends at their place before heading to the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue.  We saw an explosion of creativity on people’s heads, and felt proud of our own homemade Easter Bonnets.

Next stop was our church service, and luckily we arrived a few minutes early to grab a family photo before it started. I love seeing Jason in his Seer Sucker Suit!

After church we had a stressful time getting home because of some miscommunication, but I pressed forward with my HAM DINNER, because after all, I had passed on the $44- one on fresh direct, and scored a $17- one at Target, thanks to a little field trip with a friend (and her car).

The food was delicious. Lolly ate a potato on her own, despite initial protests (when she saw butter could be involved, that changed everything), and Phoebe survived dumping a tablespoon of salt on HER potatoes, and I saw a lot of green asparagus AND spinach salad going into both girls’ mouths. Maybe forcing them to eat a little later improves appetites? Or maybe it was the promise of the Easter cupcake?

I told Jason (who had promptly changed into his jammies after church) to go get dressed for dinner, but Phoebe thought I was talking to her, so she changed OUT of her Easter dress into another substandard, too-short dress with a non-matching vest. I made her change back. During that drama, Lolly changed into her patriotic red and white striped dress. So we had Easter Girls, Independence Girl and Jammies boy at my beautifully executed (I never cook) Easter dinner, and the meal ended with a discussion about pubic hairs and lots of giggles.

Happy Easter!

PS. Lest you think the ham and hairs got in the way, I do know: He Lives.


One response to “Easter Report

  1. I love that you take advantage of such things as a sunrise service in Central Park and the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue. What memories you are making!

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