6: The Report

I was waiting for Lolly outside of her school with 41 balloons in hand.  I learned that if you want some attention in NYC, you just walk down the street holding 41 balloons.  I think she and her classmates (the party guests) were pretty excited to see them upon exiting.  I made a note, that a ton of balloons makes a great impact.

Once again we found ourselves orchestrating a birthday party in Central Park.  The weather was slightly uncooperative, but we kept the kids moving, and that kept them warm.

The highlight of this Central Park birthday party was Red Rover.  Who knew that game would bring them so much joy?

After games and cupcakes in Sheeps Meadow and free play in a nearby playground, we ended up losing all the balloons to different fiascoes (better that way) and having dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Have you tried the arugula asparagus salad? I got that with white pizza, and I was kind of in heaven. Thankfully I had run 6 miles that morning, so there was less guilt.


2 responses to “6: The Report

  1. My friend and I walked a bunch of blocks in NYC with a ton of balloons for Adriana’s shower. I definitely know how much attention you get, and what a fiasco you make.

  2. I really love the image of you outside the school with 41 balloons. Glad you didn’t float away!

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