Spring Break

It’s Spring Break.

It’s been one day.

And I’m already done.

It’s because my older child has a strong will of her own now.  See, she has her own agenda, own plan, wants to do stuff.

I can no longer just make a plan for the day, without her protesting, wanting do something ELSE or being happy IF a 3-d movie, candy and her FRIENDS are involved.  This is sounding very familiar, like teenagerish, only I am sure very mild in comparison.

Summer Camp is looking pretty good right about now.


7 responses to “Spring Break

  1. Helen Knowles

    Eight going on 13 – I remember those days vividly – make some time for yourself and that will help you get through these trying days – more to come the older they get.

  2. Been there. Done that.

  3. Rachelle Simmons

    Summer camp is good thing. My two kids, ages 10 and almost 6 are going for 4 weeks of the summer. They keep them busy with activities and they are with other children so makes it mcuh easier for you!

  4. I’m in your state for our spring break and ditto to what you said.

  5. Been there. In it. And they’re not even teenagers yet. And I have 4 of them :) That is why I vacation often. Alone.

  6. Hate to tell you it gets worse before it gets better :).

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