Sometimes I just cannot pass up a lot on ebay.  In this case, Vintage Scouting uniforms.  I can’t stand it.


11 responses to “Ebay

  1. Super cool find! Darling little scout, too.

  2. Helen Knowles

    My GS troop # was 1394 – what’s hiding under the tie?

  3. Way too cute!

  4. Deja vu! I used to wear these uniforms….so cute!

  5. My girl scout uniform was exactly like the green one. I can remember that yellow bow tie and I still have my sash. She looks so adorable! Love it!

  6. “I have something in my pocket, that belongs across my face. I keep it very close to me, in a most convenient place……”
    The Brownie Smile Song……sung while wearing that exact Brownie dress!

  7. So wait are they in Girl Scouts?

  8. meeeemmmmmmmm’rriiiiiieeeesss!!

  9. I told you this before, but I had that same green one and my sister had the Brownie one. I still have my initiation pins, but I never bothered to get any badges. I only lasted one year in Girl Scouts.

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