6 Years

Though I have been mothering for 9 years now, 6 years with this little one has been the real test.

All this, every single day:

No joke, this is just a taste of life with Lolly.  Imagine all we have experienced together since 2005.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


10 responses to “6 Years

  1. What a lovely birthday card that photo collage is!
    Happy Birthday .

  2. Ah, she makes life so interesting and fun…..just as you do!

  3. Darling girl… Hope you guys have a nice celebration. (Has it really been 6 years?!?)

  4. AWESOME photo collage. Happy birthday little girl!!!

    • McKay, I can imagine for some Moms it might be a challenge to find that range of photos. It took me 2.5 minutes, and that was editing it down, limiting myself to only 16.

  5. I can’t believe she is 6. I love the side shot with the dimple – nice selection of photos.

  6. Yup that photo collage is fab. Happy birthday sweet girl!

  7. kristie larsen

    I can’t believe she is 6. that truly is astonishing. but i guess it happens to everyone! Happy birthday Lolly!!!

  8. She is lovely. I wonder where she gets all that talent!

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