Checking In

As Jason would say, I have a lot of circles right now.  This week so far, I have paid medical bills (oh! so many, they just keep rolling in-podiatrist, pediatrician, dentist, ENT, sports medicine doc, internist), straightened up, finished 4 loads of laundry, packaged a box, put away bikes that were in our apartment over night, figured out where to get the balloons for Friday, painted my nails, jogged, exersaucered, made some food, sewed goat pants, tail and vest, finished mermaid skirts, returned some items at Michaels, bought some more, started the monkey fingerless gloves, lost a crochet hook, bought a new one, and so many more things.

I have a lot of circles right now, as Jason calls them.  I am managing them alright. I identified the cause of my eye twitch, and took care of that right quick, and I have figured out which outfit to wear tomorrow for an anonymous circle that has been floating giant in my mind for about 3 weeks now.

Once tomorrow is over I can focus on putting on a party for a bunch of 6 year olds in Central Park, making Easter bonnets, teaching the second installment of my marriage class, planning all those days of spring break that are just sitting on the calendar STARING at me, making monkey ears, more monkey fingerless gloves, monkey princess sashes and crowns and finishing mermaids and monsters, and more and more things.

I don’t believe I will rest until I ship the kids off to my parents when school is done for the year.

The good news: Halloween Costumes 2011 have been realized and acquired, so that is a huge load off my back.


2 responses to “Checking In

  1. that’s cute– the circles. we always say that bdub has a lot of rectangles (or if he’s extra busy, he’ll say he has “too many rectangles”): his blackberry when he is scheduling things, his metronome, ipod, and minidisk recorder when he is learning music, the gps and easy pass when he is has to drive to gigs.

    i wonder if all successful relationships have their own language, so to speak.

  2. Wow, that’s impressive. I would be freaking out with that many things going on. I can’t wait to see the Halloween costumes! Is it Disney themed this year?

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