When I first realized that Justin Hackworth’s 30 Strangers project was going to coincide with my trip to Mountain Country, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

I staged a mini campaign so that he would pick me.  It probably helped that we have a few mutual friends who put in a good tweet or two, but he and I were really, truly strangers.

When I realized that his aim was not only mothers and daughters, but also 3 (or 4?) generations of women in a photo, I threw into my campaign: If you pick me, I’ll get my kids tickets out to Mountain Country too.

Though our participation ended up being threatened by a few logistics, JH was extremely accommodating and we ended up having a wonderful photoshoot in Salt Lake City at The Mandate Press.

But someone wasn’t the most cooperative, and I fear she may be left on the cutting room floor.  I wish kids had the capacity to understand …. (did you KNOW you weren’t even GOING on this trip until this fell into place and your TICKET cost MONEY and ALL I am asking is that you COOPERATIVE for a few LOUSY FRAMES for an HOUR of your LIFE and SMILE?)  That was the old me. The new me….didn’t say a word and let it go.


3 responses to “Kids

  1. Sometimes I would issue a $2 fine if to any kids that would ruin a group picture. (it was bunny ears that would irritate me, I didn’t mind if it was a silly photo otherwise I did)

  2. Oh well………..

  3. Our conversation about phoebs and lolly and modeling is making sense to me now.

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