30 Strangers

Our Posse were the Strangers for Day 4 of Justin Hackworth’s 30 Strangers project.  We had a fun time being photographed for an afternoon.  It felt like a celebration of our womanhood.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of our photo session.  I think Justin is keeping a blog on each day’s shoot, so you may see some finals if you click on over here.

I heard a rumor that the exhibit goes up in early September, and I hope to be there for it.  Look at Utah, just luring me out again and again.


4 responses to “30 Strangers

  1. That’s awesome that you guys got picked. Your twitter campaign worked! Can’t wait to see the final images!

  2. This is such a great experience for the girls in your family. The photos will be awesome.

  3. How nice to have an excuse to get together with your family!

  4. I bet the pictures will turn out great! P.s. Congrats on your run. That is super impressive.

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