New Project

It’s been hard to keep up with the blog lately  because I have taken on a new project that is occupying many crevices of my brain.

Actually, what’s on the brain are a few things:

1. A little something I have cooking that I hope really turns into a banquet, but unfortunately I can’t share a crumb yet. See how tricky it gets when you have a blog and you want to talk about something or share, and yet, you just can’t! Not yet anyway. I’ll say hopefully by the end of 2011, unless of course it goes up in smoke, and then, well, I won’t blog about that either most likely.  Ah, the BIZ. In other news, both of my commercials are running AGAIN and I got word that a print job I did was running past usage, so I fought and won! Hallelujah!

2. Costume Mom.  I have to be honest, I walked into the “Who wants to help with the 3rd grade class play?” meeting with sketches and swatches and ideas.  I flat out said: “If you want to be in charge of the costumes for this play, you will have to fight me for it. This job is mine.”  I am loving it, but there is so much to do, and plenty of time to do it, but my brain has always been a terrible procrastinator.  I am working on something for the play every single day and sometimes thinking about it during other times.  Carrie taught me how to make pants!  I can sew pants now! Other projects include: ebaying vintage girls dresses, crocheting shell necklaces, embellishing soldier jackets, wiring monkey tails, crocheting monkey hands, re-doing monkey ears that came to me looking like mouse ears, mermaid tails out of spandex, monster costumes and altering Phoebe’s sailor girl dress..the list goes on and on. Tie Dye is coming up, headdresses and socks, shoes, hats! Oh my! Anybody want to crochet a pair of tube gloves, let me know! Repurpose a vest? That project is on the table too.

3. Running.  This is my taper down week, which is BLISS! Today I only have to run 2 miles!  And then I just have 2, 20 minute sessions before the day. My team is dropping like flies! One friend has an ear infection thingy, another heel pain, and I am waiting to hear about a third’s possible fracture!  And I am just staring at the forecast praying for a warm front! My Wonder Woman outfit!

Thanks for stopping by.  I will post some pix of my costume creations as they come to fruition.


2 responses to “New Project

  1. K – There are SNOWFLAKES on my NYC weather app for Saturday! No bueno.

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