The girls participated in a New York Road Runners Jamboree Track Meet this past weekend.  Lolly busted out the Long Jump and Phoebe the 200 meter dash.

Later on they joined 3 other kids to do the 4 x 200 relay.  Lolly’s team did not understand the handing off of the baton so well.  In fact, one of her teammates gave the baton to the wrong child.  Lolly was the fourth runner and came in second to last, so because no one was on the track, she thought she was ahead of everyone.

In the end her team placed 3rd, which according to my viewing of the race, was grossly off…even without the baton hand-off misfire. Oh well.

Phoebe’s team had a few rough factors too. One of them was a teeny tiny 8-year old, and one little boy gave it his best try, but he was a big boy, and didn’t look like he was used to much physical activity. He had a GREAT spirit though, I cheered hard for him. Phoebe knocked into another relayer when she got the baton, but gave it her all to try to make up some time. They finished last.

It was a fun adventure, subwaying it very far north for us, and feeling the spirit of running!  Running has really impacted our lives lately, and our kids feel it too. Phoebe was upset we forgot to carb up the night before.



4 responses to “Jamboree

  1. Look at these little athletes!!!!! I love it!

  2. AWESOME!!!!

  3. Love that you did this. Tyler loves to run. And he’s really fast. Last week at school when I volunteered I watched him in PE as he flew by his entire class to finish first, two laps around the track. They were eating his dust! I have to get this kid into a race or some sort of running activity. :)

    • He’s like DASH in the Incredibles. I was surprised to learn there were a lot of track and field clubs in our area, there probably are similar groups where you live.

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