Crochet: Bubbleriffic

I loved making this lion brand bubblegum scarf for Phoebe so much that I made one for my sister too!  It should really be called a bubble wrap because it’s humongous. I’m working on a smaller version of it with just 2 strands (instead of 5) and a size 13 hook (instead of 35).

Both of these girls like light blue, but I think I got just the right blue for the girl.  Lindsay’s on the left is Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice Baby in aqua and Phoebe’s blue on the right is Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice Baby in Bluebell.

This scarf is heavy, so if you have any neck problems, I would suggest NOT wearing it. To see it in a lion brand’s fashion show, click here.  To see it in MY crochet fashion show, click here.



2 responses to “Crochet: Bubbleriffic

  1. Helen Knowles

    I love this – now I want to go out and learn to crochet. Or maybe I should just got to NYC and spend a few days with you so you can teach me. This is beautiful (and of course the blues are just the right color).

    • Kristy Glass

      I thought it was so hard. It took years for my brain to try, I learned last winter and it’s so easy!!! And much more forgiving than knitting.

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