I had never heard of pi day until I ran across this post*.   I was completely inspired, and thankfully remembered it this year!

We had pi(e) day on March 14th. It was a bit stressful for me because I was still taking my turns lying in bed watching Prison Break and sniffing afrin, but I managed to make a delicious (if I do SAY so myself) apple AND banana cream pie.  I can eat apples if they are cooked (weird). If they are not, I get all chokey in my throat.

Anyway, the attendance at our Pie Family Home Evening was superb.  Each guest added an ingredient to our Gratitude Pie to tie a little Bible into it. BE YE THANKFUL (Col. 3:15) and an overwhelming amount of ingredients were FAMILY.

The best pie won a copy of The Lower Lights CD and we all left with full hearts and bellies.

*idea and decorations completely stolen from these nice people. Thanks Kimberly & Ryan!


9 responses to “Pi

  1. I have several comments :)

    *I LOVE the Lower Lights cd. LOVE it.

    *Sheely’s math class celebrates Pi day every year by having a contest to see who can memorize the most of Pi – last year one 10 year old could go out to 126 decimal points. Oh my word.

    *Key lime pie is my favorite pie. Ever.

  2. I like this. Especially for a FHE on a Monday night.

  3. Those pies look delish! This year was the first time I had heard about Pi day. Fun way to party.

  4. Okay…I thought I was the only one in the world who couldn’t eat apples unless they were cooked!! My throat gets scratchy and if I try to bite down on one..I get little bumps on my lips/skin. Do you have this with peaches too???

    • yup. Got apples/peaches allergies when I was pregnant with my first. I lost peanuts with my second pregnancy. MAJOR bummer

  5. I love this idea. I want to do it next year…remind me, okay?

  6. I am absolutely LOVING this. Cool. Did you make the Shepherd’s Pie? I have always wanted to make one but don’t have a tried-and-true recipe.

    • I’ve made it, but it’s been years. A friend brought this one. I liked it. It was the first time I could taste in a week so I loved it!

  7. I didn’t get peanuts but my little 4 year old did. Dangerous allergy!

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