A letter to my girls

Hi! I know some of you are NOT training for the half (kinda like me right now), but I wanted to check in for some much needed moral support.

After a lot of research, I think I figured out what my injury is!

Turf Toe

“Turf toe can occur as the result of a poor runner’s gait, specifically when the athlete begins his or her run. When a person gets turf toe, he or she has been repeatedly jamming the big toe into the ground during push-off. Without rest, turf toe can become a chronic condition and create an arthritic calcification. Orthotic shoes and anti-inflammatories can also ease turf toe symptoms. An athlete with repeated turf toe problems may wish to see a running coach for corrective exercises.” ~livestrong website

I could be wrong of course, but it’s not a bunion, it’s just below that region and it feels like a calcification to the touch.  It hasn’t bothered me while running, just while putting on shoes or sitting cross legged or going up on my tip toes.  I have run all of 1 mile since discovering my condition and I concentrated on using a fuller foot, better gait, so that it is not totally focused on my big toe.

I am still struggling with my sinuses and lungs (coughing), but my energy is getting better. I’m going to try for 3 miles on Wednesday (might try to sneak in a mile tomorrow.)  I am scheduled to run 12 on Saturday and I just can’t say if my upper respiratory will be ready, but my mind and body (besides the turf toe) are dying to get back to the training.

I can only say I am so glad I remained so disciplined up to the 10 miles on the 4th of March when my immune system just gave out on me. I have learned so much from the training to that point, and hopefully I’ll be back in the game and well enough (turf toe or not) by April 2!

~wonder woman.


3 responses to “A letter to my girls

  1. Wonder Woman, just listen to your body. When it speaks we need to listen. Along with all your other remedies, pma helps too. Be patient too.

  2. You can do it, K! I think it’s awesome you aren’t giving up….I got a really bad flu a couple years back and gave up on my tri training. I regret it, but it was extra motivation to follow through the next year, which I did. I think you’re right….the training you have done ahead of your illnesses will serve you well on race day. I do have bunions (gross, I know….I can thank my dad for that inheritance gift), but luckily they haven’t really been bothering me so much for this training…..or maybe my body is feeling so much other pain that I can’t really distinguish at this point ;-). Happy running!

  3. ty’s training for his first 1/2 marathon, too. you guys are pretty close on your training schedules, too. he’s having mysterious pains and injuries, too. good luck with it all!

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